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What is metering?

An electrical meter is used to calculate the amount of electricity consumed in kilowatt-hours (KWh) while supplying a building. An electrical meter helps you and your power company keep track of the power you are using.

In the past, Australian homes used analogue meters, but fast forward to today, and you can find different types of electrical meters available for your property. While the majority of meters serve the core purpose of measuring electricity, the ways they can function are different. Choosing the right smart meter for your property is an excellent way to begin saving money on your bills!

Confused about the right metering service? You’re in the right place. Take control of your electrical meter bills with us.

Why we need metering services

Smart meters are a more modern and improved version of analogue meters. An analogue meter is a traditional meter that requires a meter reader to visit your property to take note of your household usage. With your smart meters, you will be a step ahead in tracking how much electricity your household is consuming. 

Unlike all the fuss with an analogue meter, your smart meter records your power consumption at regular intervals and sends the power history to your power provider via a 4G SIM card. Sounds like a better metering situation, right?

Most households in Sydney, Australia, have started availing themselves of smart electric meter services, typically installed in the same place as your analogue meter; which is usually the exterior of your house.

Well, we are always looking for smart ways to save on energy bills, aren’t we? While there are innumerable benefits to installing a smart meter, some of the most important are:

  • Ability to get charged cheaper rates at different times of the day with the option of “time of use” tariffs
  • Because your retailer can read and control the meter from their system, they can change tariffs with the click of a button.
  • Change retailers seamlessly, as a final read can be taken anytime, anywhere, by retailers.
  • Ability to monitor your power bills and usage in one place.
  • Get accurate bills as per your household usage.
  • You no longer need to provide access to a meter reader.
  • Control cheaper off peak metering for your hot water, pool pumps, floor heat, and much more!

Monetising with smart meters

True to its word, smart meter data is smart and allows power providers to provide improved customer service, reduce operational costs, and improve overall industry performance. 

Monetizing smart meter data is incredibly beneficial for power businesses. For example,

The data can help improve the customer experience by providing better insights into consumer consumption, reducing unwarranted bill challenges, and providing real time energy data readings. This data allows you to use your power at times when prices are lower, such as off peak or when your solar is operating.

Financial performance improves positively through tailored propositions, improved revenue assurance, reduced cost of operations, and innovative use of smart data. Enhanced governance mechanisms that support the overall efficiency of the grid.

To date, smart meters are being used to provide consumers with accurate tariffs and timely billing. This gives consumers the flexibility to wisely choose their power suppliers. Consumer demand to use energy consumption data to remotely control the energy consumption of smart home devices using applications will create new revenue streams for monetizing electrical meter data.

Manage your energy consumption with the right metering

You just received your energy bill, and it is a whopper! Your kids have left gadgets unmonitored over the past few weeks, sucking up all the energy and leaving you with an eye-popping bill to deal with. And let’s not even start about the environmental footprint this has left. More people are dealing with raging power bills because of their lack of knowledge about efficiently conserving energy and using the right metering according to their needs.

The first step is to understand what your energy needs are and to act accordingly. Let’s talk about proper metering for a minute.

Let us introduce you to peak or off-peak metering. This involves two different types of meters, one of which measures ‘peak’ usage and the other “off-peak’ usage. This is beneficial as it allows users to measure their usage and charge lower rates as needed.

The second viable option is the solar power meter, which is a device that measures solar power or sunlight in W/m2, either through windows to verify efficiency or when installing solar power devices. Some solar meters come with an alert system that notifies users of critical functionality, allowing them to resolve issues quickly. In cases where the solar panels generate excess energy, these can be retrieved or sold for credit.

The last is a private meter, which is an additional, non-utility owned meter monitoring service for a portion of a customer’s premises. 

By now, you may have understood that using the right power meter can save you hundreds of dollars every year.

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