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Private Power Poles

Private Power Poles are used for Aerial network connections, and give the owner the ability to decide where they would like the power lines to connect to their premises. They are commonly used for the following reasons:

  • To remove aerial cables across the front of a property
  • To remove a service crossing the neighboring property boundary
  • To provide a temporary connection point for builders’ supplies
  • To allow underground cables to feed the property from an overhead supply, as a cheaper alternative to a UGOH
  • To gain minimum height requirements across a roadway

What we do:

  • Repairing of downed power poles
  • Defected/condemned power poles repair/replacement
  • Install temporary and permanent private poles
  • Removal of poles to make them ready for demolition

Private Pillars

Private pillars are the solution for your property when the network is run underground in your area. They provide a connection point for your service to be used by the supply authority or level 2 service provider to disconnect and reconnect the property for any required reason.

Even if you have an aerial network in the street,these can also be used in conjunction with a UGOH installation, as an alternative from having a private pole, which may be an eye sore or not allowed due to council regulations in your area

Temporary Builders Supplies

Starting or started construction? Temporary Builders Supply provides power to construction teams in order to build a new building or home. We supply a pole, service line and electrical meter for the teams and machinery on site. Once construction is complete, we remove the temporary supply and connect permanent supply.