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What is an electrical switchboard?

The switchboard is the heart of your electricity supply to your premises. It controls and designates the whole power distribution throughout the building, directing electrical currents around the place by the way of circuits. Each of these circuits has a protective circuit breaker or fuse (in older switchboards)to prevent that circuit cabling from overloading. These also can be used to turn on and off a circuit if required. They are usually located near the entrance of a building or common area for easy access to a meter reader or the electricity company and fire brigade in case of an emergency.

When it comes to electrical switchboard installation, there are considered to be two common types they are referred to as, domestic and commercial switchboards. Generally this is in relation to the amount of supply being fed into the premises, where under 80amps 3 phase supplies will be a domestic style board and above 80amps 3 phase will be a commercial custom type board. Commercial metering switchboards combine circuit breakers, chassis, surge protection and meter sockets in a single, engineered assembly. This type of switchboard has to abide by the AS/NZS 61439 standard which are designed and built by professional board building companies who need to provide extensive testing certificates for temperature and fault ratings.

Metering can be either bulb-type or disc-type watt-hour meters (older style) or electronic meters, known as type 4 meters or smart meters, as required by the retailer. The electronic “smart” meters are remotely read by 4G sim cards and also provide the option of different billing tariff capabilities as they register the power use live.

The commercial switchboard is found in shopping centers, commercial or office buildings predominantly. 

When you experience a problem with an electrical device or appliance in your home, it’s normal to check your switchboard to see if it is telling you anything. As this is the heart of your electrical supply, this is where the power is controlled and the distribution center of your premises.

What we do:

  • We upgrade switchboards and their equipment
  • Repair defective boards
  • Circuit breakers and safety switches (RCD’s) upgrade and installation
  • Custom built boards for both small and large supplies
  • Upgrades to any new equipment being installed such as solar or induction cook-tops
  • Removal of switchboard panels

Why upgrade your electrical switchboard connection

Your switchboard is designed to safely distribute power throughout your house, so if your circuits start to trip or blow, and your appliances aren’t working properly, this may be an indication the electrical installation or switchboard could be faulty.

Yours and your family’s safety is definitely the most important thing , so investing in new safety switches in your switchboard will ensure the safety of your household appliances and you. 

Whether your switchboard needs a replacement or repair, our electricians have the right tools and experience needed for the job. Our team is always ready and willing to help!

Importance of electrical switchboard safety

Was your property built before 1991? This is the year safety switches became mandatory on power circuits in Australia. If it is then it could be time to upgrade your electrical wiring, circuit breakers and switchboard. This is for a few reasons, mainly due to not having safety switches installed to protect from electrocution, but also as old wiring deteriorates, the insulation wears off which can cause short circuits and lead to fire. Without safety switches, your switchboard provides no protection against electrocution, on the chance you come into contact with it. The new residual current devices (RCD’s) also known as safety switches, will trip out in less then 30 milliseconds if this accident occurs. If you aren’t sure of the state of your installation, then give us a call and we can supply you with our 20+ years of knowledge and advice.

Get in touch with us for rewiring or upgrade

A small problem could flare up into a major electrical disaster! Our services are not limited to domestic visits only. So, without thinking much, get in touch with our experts and let us diagnose any potential hazards for you.