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What are Tiger Tails?

When it comes to Tiger Tails, they are named after what they look like, a tiger’s tail. Tiger Tails power lines are striped black and yellow high grade HDPE split synthetic tubes with unique high visibility stripe patterns installed over powerlines to protect workers such as roof tillers, scaffolders, crane operations and builders from any accidental contact with live power lines by providing a visible indication of where these powerlines are

The tails feature an eyelet in bell housing, interlocking male to female, and can be joined keeping constant cover for as long as you require. Some of the other important features include:

– Industry Standard Complies with & marked to AS4202 Class 1

– Maximum use 650V

– High Visibility

– High Electrical Insulation

– Resistant to many chemicals

– Mechanically interlocks

Why we use Tiger Tails power lines

Tiger tails, provide temporary electrical insulation, mechanical protection and visual warning of power lines and conductors. Used by utilities and electrical contractors, these robust units have decades of engineering and development to ensure the highest quality and safety standards.

However, tiger tails power lines only offer a temporary solution and its core purpose is to visually warn people to be careful around power lines.

Although you’re thinking tiger tails power lines are tested and rated at 650V insulation so why is thins the case, by law they cannot be used as a method of insulating cables and can only be used as a visual warning. Please refer to safe work NSW for further information on what’s required for your install or give us a call!

Requirement for tiger tail installation

‘Jack of all trades and master of none’ is a figure of speech everyone is well acquainted with. However when it comes to Tiger Tails installation, a single fault could be fatal. This is the reason installation of Tiger Tails on power lines is handled by Level 2 electrical professionals. The level 2 electrician understands how to safely manage the power lines, and also has all the training and authorizations, knowledge and PPE to work on supply authorities network safely in your area.

Why to choose perfect power for tiger tail installation

Perfect Power’s electricians have comprehensive knowledge on what’s required to make your worksite safe and the tiger tail installation on your service lines, as well as provide the advice you need to comply with safework NSW’s rules and regulations. Our level 2 ASP electricians are qualified in this field making them exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable. From tiger tails installation to power lines to repairing, replacing and removing old ones, our team is well versed in everything required for your site to be compliant.

With our comprehensive knowledge of the electrical rules and regulations, we not only provide service for domestic households, but also for other electrical companies, providing them level 2 solutions and constant technical support.

Our mission is to create a brand that customers can trust and this we aim to achieve with our ongoing customer service and providing them access to our knowledge and experience. Drop us a hello and our experts are happy to answer any electricity queries you may have.